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1)  Web Master-  job description:  Maintain passwords and to guide users on how to update the web site within their responsibilities and to direct users to web site resources.  As such, you are not typically responsible for the web site's content, but the resident expert and teacher.  At times, you will be asked to research web issues.  Annually, you will be asked to make recommendations to the board on improvements to the web site and a review of passwords and access.  Time involved:  2 hour per week.

2)  Learn to skate/learn to play hockey Off-ice director- Job description:  Work with the Town of Westwood's recreational department and USA Hockey to promote and create LTS/LTPH programs.  You will also be the point of contact for shirt ordering for the LTS/LTPH programs.  The program wants to start an equipment swap program to coincide with Westwood Day and to set up a table for new sign-ups in September/October during soccer/baseball events.  Time involved:  5 months period (July through December)

3)  Fundraising- Job Descriptions:  you will run/organize the annual fundraising event.  This year, raffle tickets will be sold.  The printer of the ticket has already been secured, your time will be needed to determine prizes, sponsors, and organize ticket sales within the teams and supporters of WYH.

4)  Payment system- job description:  you will review the program's payment process and make recommendations to the board.  This effort is will include a review of other Westwood sporting teams' payment processes and that offered by our current vendor.  Background should include accounting, banking, or finance.

5)  Apparel coordinator- WYH has apparel that we sell.  The vendor is secured for all merchandise.  Your job will be to determine the best way to sell the apparel using our web site, team managers, Westwood school contacts, alumni, and determine how/when to ship.  You will also review the inventory for accuracy and review the payment options (credit card, paypal, etc.) with the Treasurer.

6)  Survey coordinator- The WYH survey is a critical part of our success.  This person will take last year’s survey, review the questions, distribute the survey (using email or other sources), and compile results.

7)  Marketing coordinator- this person will work with Westwood Recreation, the Westwood School system, and Westwood Community Newspaper to market WYH’s programs.  They will also work with the Westwood newspaper to see how articles about the program can be included.  Article would be for apparel, Fundraising, Special events, and community skating sessions.

If interested, please contact the President at: ewgalvin@gmail.com