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Well its that time again to get the kids ready to play hockey.

It will be different this season with Covid- 19 still present.

More skill development drills with physical 6 foot distancing,

some 3 on 3 scrimmages but less games until possibly the new year.

So now is a good time for you to review all the Hockey Made Easy video
tips that we submitted to YouTube for coaches, players and parents.

Minor and Youth Hockey Associations please consider adding our

Website www.hockeymadeeasy.com with our video page to your

website as a Coaching resource, or a link for your players or their parents.

So here is where you can find all of the videos

If you are a youth hockey coach, mom or dad and want to improve your kids hockey skills

and knowledge over last year - We have a solution!

Just purchase a copy of our revised eBook Hockey Made Easy Instruction Manual

and dedicate about 20 minutes every day when you and your family hockey player(s)

can read together on how to play hockey safely and with more skill.

To purchase Hockey Made Easy on our secure order page

To find out more about Hockey Made Easy


Helping kids learn how to play hockey for the past 25 years.


Stay Safe

John Shorey - Author
Hockey Made Easy