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WYH Drill Exchange

Below is a list of drills that WYH coaches have found to be effective. All WYH coaches are encouraged to submit drills to this exchange! To submit or recommend a drill, either or use this template to describe the drill. Hardcopies of the template, or handwritten notes, can be sent to Mike Murphy and we'll upload them to the exchange.

Drill name Contributor Summary JPG
Gretzky 3v3 M.Murphy               Transition to offense using Gretzky behind net
Corner Puck Battle D.Hall/M.Murphy           Small area puck battle/goal scoring
Attacking and Angling M.Murphy                 Forechecking technique and decision making
Stop-Start Puck Battle M.Murphy           Stop on loose puck and battle player
Triangle Offense/Defense Rotation M.Murphy             Offense and defense technique around net
Crash The Net/Tip drill J.Conway               Pass to D, shot from point, tip/rebound
Goal Line Forward vs. Defense J.Conway                   Defensive battle/technique in front of net
Half Ice 2-on-1 or 1-on-1 J.Conway             Half-ice 2-on-1 or 1-on-1 drill
Loose puck pass and shot J.Conway           Pick up puck behind net; pass/shot; continuous flow
Russian Circles J.Conway             Forward/backward circle skating, with or without pucks
Pepper D.Janfaza           Passing/shooting drill
Passing Wheel L.Parlato             Full-ice passing and shooting
1 on 1 Play the Man L.Parlato           Full-ice passing and shooting
Practice Plan #1 J.Rice     Babson Skills practice plan, week 1
Practice Plan #2 J.Rice     Babson Skills practice plan, week 2
Practice Plan #3 J.Rice     Babson Skills practice plan, week 11

USA Hockey age-specific Practice Plan Manuals:

USA Hockey provides instruction manuals and practice plans for the following age groups:
8-Under ~ 10-Under ~ 12-Under ~ 14/16/18-Under