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Squirt B's are District Champs!

In front of a "Not to exceed 40% capacity, mask wearing and expertly socially distanced crowd", our WYH Squirt B team
defeated Dedham 2-1 on Monday night during their second and final play down game of the season.

While walking to the bench, the coaches were informed by the District representative that since there would not be a
state tournament this year, this game would be for the District 3, Squirt Tier 3 Small championship. The kids were
already fired up for the game, and we knew that telling them they could be District champs would only add fuel to their

We use a simple measure to tell how the kids will play during the game - if the pucks brought back from 3 min warm-up
are less than distributed, going to be rough, if they are equal, we like our chances, if there are more - well, then we
give the extra back to the other team because that's the right thing to do... On Monday night, all of the pucks returned
with a forceful slam on top of the boards, after which all eyes and ears were on the coaches. After a mediocre speech,
we told them the news, "This game, right now, is for the District Championship". They beamed with excitement and looked
hungry, then asked a few irrelevant questions as usual...

They carried this enthusiasm throughout the game and never let off of the throttle. From the first puck drop until the
final buzzer, they skated hard and played the soundest game of the season - to date. Dedham's goalie must have played
the game of his life. He stopped countless well placed shots until Billy Shultz finally lit the lamp 2 minutes into the
2nd period, and again 5 minutes later for the resultant game winner.

Our back-check was resolute, allowing ZERO uncontested breakaways. Even when Dedham had a breakaway opportunity, our
kids hustled back and disrupted their chance in time to ensure Rhys James (G) had the advantage. After Dedham brought
the game to within 1 point in the second, our most improved player who has found a fondness for Defense made the play of
the game. During an intense Dedham attack, early in the 3rd with multiple blocked shots being made and players
surrounding the crease, a cool, calm and collect Ben Fleming delicately stickhandled the puck off of our goal line and
ripped it to the boards ending their attack and a potential tying goal.

From there the momentum completely shifted in Westwood's direction and the fore-check got brutal for the remainder of
the 3rd. The time of possession in the offensive zone had largely favored Westwood throughout the game, but our
performance in the 3rd was amazing. At one point, Westwood kept Dedham trapped in their zone for at least 4
minutes. With D to D passes, puck dumps into the corners, 2 forwards attacking the puck, and unbelievable hustle,
Westwood suffocated Dedham. Dedham had ZERO scoring opportunities in the last half of the 3rd period, even when they
pulled their goalie with 1 minute to go.

We couldn't be prouder of the kids, not only for how they performed on Monday, but for how resolute they have been this
entire year. It's inspiring. We have a team that shows up for every event, and for that we thank the parents for their
dedication - I firmly believe that because we practice together, we've come together as a TEAM.

Great job, Ryan K, Lyndon, Ben, Vincent, Matthew, James, Robert, Graham, Ryan G, Billy, Jack, Rhys, and Liam.

by Squirt B Beat Writer posted 01/28/2021
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