ADM & Mite Travel

The co-ed ADM program for WYH is generally for boys and girls who have completed a learn to skate program and a learn to play program.

In addition, we are adding a Mite Travel team for the top players born in 2016 and 2017. This team will play in the Valley League.

WYH will provide several ADM teams which draw upon elements of the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM). The ADM emphasizes age-appropriate skill development and fun over a focus on games (and an overemphasis on winning games). It encourages kids to play other sports so that they become better overall athletes and so they don't become burned out by playing too much hockey (with some kids playing 10-12 months a year right now). It encourages many touches of the puck to increase fun and development for each player through the use of small ice drills/games in practice and small ice games. Playing only full-ice games at this age/level, with 10 players chasing one puck around a full sheet, doesn't result in frequent puck touches and play-making chances for individual players, thus limiting fun and development.

The goal of the ADM program is to have the kids play, love, and excel (develop) at the great game of hockey, a sport that instills great values of teamwork and hard work, but is also exciting and fun to play for mites all the way up to adults.

What will this specifically mean for the WYH ADM Teams?

  • a team of 9-13 players
  • 1-2 practices a week as a team
  • 1 skills/skating development session per week, plus access to any other age-appropriate skills session offered by WYH.
  • 20-25 games (a mix of full-ice and cross-ice as discussed above, including goalies)

The ADM teams will once again participate in the Town-Line league, a 3-on-3 league against other towns on Sunday mornings. This league will be tiered for both talent and age, such that similarly skilled players will be playing against one another, in order to maximize development.

The emphasis for the WYH ADM teams will be on fun and development which is appropriate for this age rather than worrying about trying to win league games. Please note that the amount of ice time will be similar to the other WYH travel teams. The ADM teams will play 20-25 games with other local organizations that support similar programs/philosophies. However, the focus of this team will be having fun, creating a passion and love of the game, and developing their playing skills.

You can find more information about the ADM through the USA Hockey website.


Generally, children are born after 1/1/2015, but the ADM model welcomes kids older who are starting out.


More information to be provided.


Most practices/skills are at Bajko rink.


Weekly skills and practice.


Games are on the weekends.

2022-23 ADM / Mite Travel

Registration - $150

Season Tuition- $1250 (estimated)


Registration - $250

Season Tuition- $1400 (estimated)

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